4. Foot Locker - “Tear Away” [X]

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  8. “You know who your enemy is? You’re the enemy. You sit there fat, sloppy, you watch your TV, and you kick back and you judge everybody as being wrong and bad, but you.” - Charles Manson

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    In a field near the north of Sialuliai in Lithuania, millions of crucifixes and icons are packed tight together. According to an old saying, the first crucifix was placed there by a father, who wanted to pray to God for his gravely ill daughter. The father wandered with his cross to the hill. He raised it at the highest point and asked God for forgiveness and to make his daughter well again. After his prayers he returned home and found to his astonishment and thankfulness that his daughter had been cured by a miracle. People now started pilgrimming to the hill. Always with some kind of a crucifix or icon in their hands. This act was dedicated to God.

    From photographer Daniel Roos’ note.

    For more on Lithuania’s distinctive crosses, check out this post.

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